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How to Bring in Money on Social Media without Spending Your Own.

Despite the changing work force, increasing numbers of online shoppers and recent additions of fast growing platforms like Snapchat, many business owners feel social media is irrelevant to their industry. No matter what your service or product is, from Plummer to IT Professional, your brand needs to be on social media. Why? Because it can make you money. 

1. “Educate me and I will buy from you.” Eric Holtzclaw says this often during his radio show on biz 1190 and we’ve found it to be tried and true. Most people don’t have extra time to do a lot of research or even do the task your company seeks to fulfill (social media marketing, cleaning house, etc.). Sure, I know how to clean my own house, but I don’t have time to do it. To the busy business owner, time equals money. If you already know how to clean a house, then come on over!

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Being organized isn’t everyone’s strong suit. For me, I enjoy organizing. It makes life easier. Remember our e-mail post a few weeks ago? It’s kinda like that; being organized equates to being more productive. You can find everything faster, like important documents or that pen you need on the fly while taking down quick info. Being organized allows you to better schedule your day too because you know what needs to be done. 

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Investing in Your People.

Investing! No, not the stock market kind. The business kind; the people kind of investing. Upgrading and rebranding are great moves for a company. In fact, they are necessary. But you need to have the right timing, because if your employees aren’t feeling appreciated then moral can go down. And if moral goes down and you begin losing profit, then all those upgrades and the rebrand offers little to no value. The best investment you can make in your business is investing in your employees. Even if you’re self employed. (Who can run a business while they are sick, right?) 

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