More Than Words

Isaac’s grandmother landed in Georgia yesterday afternoon. She is visiting from Mexico and this is the first time I get to meet her. I already knew we were gonna be best friends. So many stories have been shared about her life and I had already encountered her spunk (she’s 72!) on the phone during our first few interactions.

As she rounded the corner of our office, we both smiled and went in for a hug.

And that’s all we needed to say.

She doesn’t speak much English. And I am by no means fluent in Spanish. But we understood each other.

(Of course, for the really in-depth conversations, I have Isaac and brother-in-law, David to translate!)

Are you missing the opportunity to connect with others by saying too much? Explaining too much?

"Brevity is a great charm of eloquence.” -Marcus Tullius Cicero

Too much text? Followers won’t read it. Too long? Followers won’t watch it. Make it too complicated or fill it with jargon and followers will keep on scrolling through social media until they find something more interesting.

Find a way to keep your updates short and to the point, while also providing a teaser for more. Then, direct followers towards the “next step” you’d like for them to take along the journey.

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