Back in the day, when I was a cheerleader (stay with me here…) we were trained to keep on moving. If we were in the middle of a dance or cheer and - BOOM! made a mistake or got off count - we were to keep smiling, get back in the groove and keep on moving like nothing ever happened.

Why? Because if you didn’t acknowledge your mistake, it was likely that no one else would notice.

After all, the audience doesn’t know the numbers you’re counting in your head. Or that the next move is supposed to be a high kick in the air.

Don’t call attention to your mistakes. If you move on like nothing happened out of place, chances are no one else will know either.

Now - every now and then you will make a mistake that impacts someone else. There are times where you need to stop, acknowledge that you aren’t always perfect and apologize.

Even still, most of these times only require the attention of your immediate team - the whole world doesn’t need to know! Examine what went wrong and fix it.

Then what?

Keep smiling, get back in the groove and keep on moving.

Mistakes remind everyone else that we’re human… because all humans make mistakes.

Don’t feel like you have to hit “stop” and “record” every time you miss a line. Don’t delete every post that isn’t worded just perfectly.

Don’t let one mistake stop you from carrying on.