Leap of Faith

While working on a project for a client this past weekend, I came along an interesting article around the topic of clarity (specifically, using as few words as possible to communicate a goal).

This quote stuck a cord: “There is a dramatic leap of faith needed to agree that you don’t need to be complex to be complete.”


My brain took that farther.

Are we so engrossed in making things easier that we make them harder? Constantly on the lookout for the latest app that promises more productivity? Switching up our plan too often, trying to keep up with the competitor next door - where, if we’d only get laser focused, we’d be ahead of them?

Find what’s right for you. What works for your schedule, your skillset, your goals? Figure out what that is and follow that path. Don’t get distracted by the shiny things.

Social media doesn’t have to be hard. Try a few platforms and see what works. Don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith and experiment. Figure out what sticks - and stick to it!

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