How to Bring in Money on Social Media without Spending Your Own.

Despite the changing work force, increasing numbers of online shoppers and recent additions of fast growing platforms like Snapchat, many business owners feel social media is irrelevant to their industry. No matter what your service or product is, from Plummer to IT Professional, your brand needs to be on social media. Why? Because it can make you money.

  1. “Educate me and I will buy from you.” Eric Holtzclaw says this often during his radio show on biz 1190 and we’ve found it to be tried and true. Most people don’t have extra time to do a lot of research or even do the task your company seeks to fulfill (social media marketing, cleaning house, etc.). Sure, I know how to clean my own house, but I don’t have time to do it. To the busy business owner, time equals money. If you already know how to clean a house, then come on over!

  2. Why do you buy a magazine? To read the articles. Why do advertisers spend thousands of dollars for full page marketing campaigns? Because they know you’ll see it while flipping between the pages on “how to get beach body ready in 3 days”. You can certainly promote your product and services on social media, but use the 80/20 rule: 80% of your posts should be educational, 20% of your posts should be promotional.

  3. Networking. 24/7 networking happens on social media. If your “About Me” section is properly filled out, then profile viewers already have a good idea of what you do. For Twitter, add those hashtags! People looking for a specific need can find you much more easily that way.

  4. You become the expert. Whenever someone spends their hard earned money on a product or service, they want to know they’re getting the best there is. Showcasing your knowledge on social media communicates for itself and for your talents.

  5. Direct connection to your customers. Social media is the perfect avenue for interacting with potential customers. They can send you questions or refer you to others simply by tagging you. And apps like Anchor allow you to talk one-on-one with your customers (you can record 2 minutes worth of audio, send it out to the masses and they can respond with 1 minute clips). You can share your “waves” directly to Twitter for your followers to hear. Use hashtags in the title of your wave for people to find you.

Best of all, social media is still a free resource. You can pay to access some premium features or target more people with the use of paid ads (we’ll get into that topic during the next post), but reaching new people and promoting your content is just a few clicks - and types - away. It costs you nothing to start! Better now than later when your competition already has more followers than you…