Give Up

We’re a lean, mean startup machine. And like most startups, our most valuable asset seems to be the one we have the least amount of: time. So when my mentor suggested we attend last night’s North Atlanta Business Expo, my co-founder and I rolled our eyes.

See - it’s not because we didn’t think the Expo would bring value. Or that we thought our mentor was being “old school.” Frankly, we didn’t have four “free” hours to go stand at a table.

But, we committed anyway. And I dare say I enjoyed it. I walked away with connections. I walked away inspired, having chatted with other business owners, other entrepreneurs - others doing the same thing we’re doing: whatever it takes to grow business. I was inspired that, even after it took my mentor weeks to convince me to commit my time to attending this Expo, he never stopped committing his time to my growth.

Some came by our table twice, having thought of additional ideas after they’d walked away. Others wanted to see what kind of video and audio equipment we had because they want to setup their own studio and talk tech.

Did I write this newsletter at 11pm last night? Yes. Was I tired? Absolutely. Did I have other things that needed to be done? Always. And that’s the point. Give up now because you’ll never have “enough” time. Give up the excuse that you can’t do something that will help your business because you just don’t have enough time.

What’s your excuse? What’s holding you back from being active on social media? What’s stopping you from starting your own podcast or seeking out opportunities to be on others?

Let’s talk. I have time.

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