A wise woman (my grandmother) once told me (okay, she’s told me this many times) to enjoy your time now, because you may not have time later. Being lax in your business is one thing. Being too “in” your business is another. No one said we’re promised tomorrow. Not at 29 and not at 89.

As entrepreneurs, we push ourselves to burn both ends of the candle because it’s only for a little while. True, a different wise person told me that the first 1,000 days/3 years of business is killer. Knowing this, how do we make the painful, teenage growth spurts of our business less draining?

You plan ahead. You invest a larger chunk of time now to gain more time down the road. For example, people are shocked when I tell them we help companies create a 12 month marketing calendar in just 1 day. Just 1 day’s time worth of dedication gets you 12 months of ideas!

What in your business gets fed the leftovers? Your leftover time and energy? Delegate it.

Social media? Delegate it. Video creation? Delegate it. Scheduling? Delegate it. You must focus your energy on what takes your business to the next level. It's the only way you'll grow.

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