The Why and How of Your Social Media Content Calendar

“I don’t know what to write about.”

“I’m not interesting enough to have my own social media profiles.”

“I don’t even know what my brand communicates… I have several areas of focus and not sure where to… focus!”

These are statements I often hear when first sitting down with a new client to discuss their social media strategy. And while social media takes time - time to write posts, time to research and stay informed on the last thing Facebook just changed - it doesn’t have to be hard. Consider these tips:

1.Organize and collaborate. You need both to get things done inside the business realm; why would posting on social media be any different? Taking the time to create a twelve month plan of topics helps manage your brand in an effective way and keeps all team members on the same track. If employees don’t have a clear picture of what fits your business’s online persona, then neither do your followers.

Take an inventory of the content you already have on deck. This can include video, blogs, articles you were mentioned in 3 years ago, articles you’ve written and testimonials. Ask your team, “When you first started this job, what did you want to know more about?” What questions would someone “looking from the outside in” have about your business? Write those questions down and categorize them according to similarities. Boom! You’ve got yourself some writing topics!

2.Utilize evergreen content. Remember how I asked about those articles you wrote 3 years ago? Use them again! Take a fresh approach; pick a different point and highlight the piece in a new way on social media. You don’t have to write a new piece of content every time you post on social media. Much like the trees, evergreen content never outlives its usefulness, and can be posted as a respite from quarterly content themes.

3.Learn the 80/20 Rule (shoutout to Eric Holtzclaw!). Content Calendars may sound like a lot of work, but the great news is there are simple systems to put in place that make them a lot easier to manage. Take the 80/20 rule. In terms of content, 20% of your time should be dedicated to content creation, and the other 80% to content promotion. One picture, quote, blog, or video can be parceled up into 100 different posts that can be put on a steady rotation. The bulk of your energy should be focused on effectively marketing the content you have, and finding creative ways to recycle so followers stay interested.

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