The Adventure

Hang around me for long, and you’ll hear about my fascination with Bubble Tea. Unfortunately in my neck of the woods, there are no Bubble Tea shops. (Hey, West Side OTP, if you could get on that, it would be great…)

Now, everywhere new we go is a treasure hunt. I must check Google Maps to see if there’s a Bubble Tea spot that isn’t too far out of the way where I can pick up my fav.

Each location is a little different. Different staff, different flavors of teas and “pearls,” even different ways of “packaging” the tea.

Your marketing plan needs adventure. What new twist can you put on video, social media, graphics or your newsletter to make it exciting again? What aspect in your business is one that needs updating, so things feel like an adventure? We just recently changed our graphics process and it’s become so fun to see what the team creates!

Pick up a cup of Bubble Tea (let me know what you think!) and fuel up for the next climb. Sometimes a new flavor is all you need.

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