Why Founders and CEOs Need Social Media

It’s hard to overstate how social media changed business… and our lives. From Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn and beyond, social media platforms provide opportunities for personal connections, industry innovation and societal change. Businesses use social media to grow and connect with clients and build a presence that spans well past their headquarters. While company social media pages are necessary, as the leader of your company, you have a responsibility to have a positive personal presence online as well. Here’s why…

  1. You’ve worked hard to start your business. Stress and sleepless nights are the debt you paid to build a company you’re proud to represent, and this pride must be reflected in person and online. You are the Owner, Founder, Director or CEO, and most importantly, the face of your company. Don’t be too shy to showcase that on social media. It shows family, friends, and potential customers you’re proud of the business you’ve built. No one represents your business - and your passion for it - quite like you.

  2. People buy from people. They wanna know why you endured the stress and sleepless nights to build your business. My mentor shared this with me years ago and it’s forever in my mind and part of my strategy. Customers buy from people they trust. Forming a strong connection means showing you’re human, not just a mouthpiece for your company.

  3. Social media reflects your values and unique perspective. Your personal social media presence allows you to showcase your business and yourself. You indirectly represent your dedication to customer service; to making each customer #1. Don’t be afraid to mix new products, services, and business features with family pictures, anniversaries and holiday greetings. Others want to participate in your personal and professional success, it makes them feel good about spending money with you and your business.

If you're thinking, “But, I don’t wanna brag about my company…” shift the focus to your team! Highlight them, thank them. Acknowledge what so many entrepreneurs know to be true: no successful business is built by a single person. Share updates from your company page (see point #2). Share what interests you, what inspires you - “authenticity is magnetic.”

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