5 Components of a Successful Podcast

Since you’ve started reading our blog, its likely you’ve decided to start a podcast, and have found an outside company ready to help you with all your audio and video needs. Now that you’ve jumped some major hurtles, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty details and develop your podcast into a valuable marketing asset for your business. Before you set up your mic and choose your intro music, here are 5 aspects of a successful podcast to keep in mind while your show is in development.

  1. Theme: Keep Some Continuity. Successful podcasts, no matter the topic, have one thing in common; A clear show theme with continuity week to week. The theme doesn’t necessarily have to be all encompassing, but something as simple as a weekly 3-point list provides the listener with background and expectations for future recordings. Topics come and go, but a comfortable theme and format will keep bringing listeners back to your recordings.

  2. Length: Keep Things (relatively) Short. The best podcasts aren’t long rambling conversations but instead concise, engaging discussions with a clear focus and topic. To prevent tangents from yourself or your guests, set a 30-minute time limit, give or take, and make an effort to stay on topic. That being said, don’t be so rigid in your conversations that guests feel uncomfortable, the best podcasts are ones that balance the natural flow of conversation with well-articulated, clear topics.

  3. Balance: Know When to Keep Your Podcast to Yourself. Having guests on your podcast is a great way to build new relationships with other local businesses, but sometimes having too many guests is too much. Try rotating standalone shows with guest heavy podcasts to give your listeners some variety week to week.

  4. Brand: Know Yours, and Advertise It Well. This may seem like a no brainer, but it’s important to clearly represent your business in your podcast, and utilize someone in house who can make your company look good. If your CEO is concise, personable, funny, and engaging, they are a great candidate to play host every week. If not, find someone in house who is and ask them to fill the position. Successful podcasts have hosts that listeners want to befriend, learn from, and most importantly, listen to again.

  5. Accompanying Resources: Have Them Ready. A great addition to any podcast is a list of resources, links, or materials you or your guests might have mentioned. Because listeners are typically tuned in while working, driving, exercising, or otherwise occupied, it’s great to have a list of resources posted to your website or blog that can be accessed later. Did your guest mention their product or website, write it down! Did you use a book or article as reference? Write that down too! Listeners can go to your site (online traffic!) and learn more about your guests, resources, and most importantly, your business.

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