DI… WHY? Investing in the Professionalism of Your Podcast

The Do It Yourself (DIY) movement has been around for awhile, but DIY tech is a relatively new market that is just beginning to catch on. While it may be “easy” to make your own clothes, furniture, and accessories at home, creating quality tech content may be more of a challenge. Case in point, Podcasts. Yes, you can technically record a podcast in the comfort of your own home, but the chances of its quality matching the expectations of your customer’s is slim, especially if you’re adding a video component to your repertoire. For the sake of your business, outsourcing your podcast to an outside company is pivotal to a more successful marketing strategy.

Podcasts are a fun and unique way to reach potential clients, but in order to be effective, they must be high quality and engaging. Recording a podcast in your bathroom or at your kitchen table may be more convenient, but it will likely look and sound unprofessional and unappealing to customers. Outsourcing your podcast to a professional studio virtually guarantees a quality product leaps and bounds better than what you can produce at home.

For starters, professional studios have much more control over the environment and surroundings of your podcast. Proper lighting, microphones, background music, and props are part of a professional studio package, and access to them increases the quality of your podcast dramatically. An in-studio approach ensures that your podcast sounds, looks, and feels professional to customers who hear or view it.

Another aspect of podcasting to consider is marketing. While you may be able to record a podcast on your own, marketing it to the proper pages and channels adds a layer of challenges you might not expect. Professional studios often have the technology and know-how to link your podcast to your business’s social media pages, as well as popular hubs like Libsyn and iTunes. Having a podcast that is marketed incorrectly negates the whole purpose, so trusting outside firms with marketing experience is the best way to ensure traffic for your company. Having a podcast is great… if your audience knows it exists! Guests are another great reason to trust an outside firm with your podcast.

While recording at home may be comforting to you, guests for your podcast may feel out of place in your personal space - or, you’re reduced to online only interviews via Skype. Recording at home can create tension in your podcast that interrupts the flow of conversation and will make it feel forced and awkward. The most successful podcasts are those that are smooth and conversational, so meeting in a studio on neutral ground ensures comfort for yourself and your guest, and makes for a more successful show. And did we mention the time it takes to contact, schedule and follow up with guests? Let someone else handle this for you.

When it comes to DIY, stick to clothes, food, and furniture, and leave the podcasting to professionals.Your business will thank you. As one of our clients always says, “I’m just the talent. All I have to do is sit and talk. Brillar takes care of everything else!”

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