Why Podcasting is the Next Step in Marketing Your Business

What is the next move for marketing your business? Podcasting! Podcasting is a great next step in creating meaningful content to broadcast across all of your businesses’ social media platforms. Don’t let unfamiliar technology or fledgling public speaking skills deter you from utilizing this powerful marketing tool to grow your business. Here are four reasons to add podcasting to your social media repertoire.

Low Barriers to Entry.
One of the major benefits of podcasting as a marketing tool is its low barriers to entry (inc.com). There is no set topic list for podcasts; people are talking about bee keeping, murder mysteries, and video gaming online, so chances are your content will fit somewhere in the podcasting sphere. Another plus, podcasts thrive when their tone is more casual and conversational versus rigid and professional, making them great for a public speaking novice or someone with a little stage fright.

Podcasting is a Great Way to Restart a Stagnant Marketing Campaign. Have your website and social media pages been lacking traffic? Do you find yourself reusing content more often than you’d like? If so, podcasts are a great way to create hours of new content perfect for all your social media channels. One podcasts creates countless video clips, audio snippets, quotes, and pictures to bring into circulation and help to increase online traffic.

Mobile technology (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.) gives us the ability to access content wherever we happen to be. While this can sometimes be a distraction (texting and driving anyone?) it also gives businesses more opportunities to reach potential clients anywhere, anytime. Creating a podcast that users can subscribe to gives your business the ability to reach listeners while they drive, eat, work out, or travel, without the hassle of logging in or signing on to different websites.

Personal Connections with Guests and Listeners.
Podcasting is a great way to diversify your marketing strategy, but it’s also helpful in making better connections in the community. Inviting local entrepreneurs as guests creates strong community connections and opportunities for networking in the future. Laddering Works Founder, Inc Columnist and Build Your Best Business Podcast host Eric Holtzclaw says that for listeners, hearing your voice on a weekly or monthly podcast creates a sense of intimacy and understanding, and makes you more relatable for future in person meetings.

In next week’s Blog, we’ll talk more about creating meaningful podcasts for your business, and how a DIY approach to production may not be the best way to make connections with clients.

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