Video Marketing, Why do you need it?

You’re in a hurry (we all are), but you have research to do. You need a new app to help you keep up with that crazy schedule but there are so many options! So, you start googling but just don’t have time to read all the information app creator decided to make a short video about HOW their product works and WHY its the best choice. It takes just one minute to watch the video but that’s all the time that was needed to convince you that this particular app was indeed the best fit for your needs. And that’s how it works. 

A short marketing video to help capture your customers attention and quickly provide information to them can make all the difference in your ability to make more sales. (We say quick, because most studies show people start to lose attention after 7-10 minutes...our experience shows videos no longer than 3 minutes are best). Then, if the customer needs to know additional, more in-depth information you can also provide that somewhere else on your website...this is where use of written word comes in. 

Having both a visual and written version of your information is beneficial. It gives your customers a choice. Plus, short videos are much easier to share via social media, helping expand your reach beyond what’s contained on your website. 

Just remember, your video marketing piece also helps build your brand. Make sure you reflect your company. Try to see things from your customers perspective...if you are trying to explain your product to someone who’s never heard of it, what do you need to say? Keep these things in mind when writing your script and you’re on your way to a great visual marketing piece.