The importance of Partnerships.

“You can do anything, but not everything.” And that’s why you need a partnership. Partnerships come in many forms. Some share in the profits. Some simply trade ideas. But typically, both parties benefit in some capacity. You can play off of each other by covering your partners weaknesses and build each other’s client base by adding to their list of strengths. 

Really, partnerships are teams. Not everyone on the team can be the “pitcher” because you also need someone to be the “catcher.” Business is the same way. If everyone is good in front of the camera, but no one is good at writing copy, what will you say? If everyone is good at script writing, but no one on the team knows how to develop a website, where will you display your content? In comes your business partner; your teammate. 

Sometimes, you’ll need to go outside of the office to find the partnership that best suites your needs, but that’s okay. Remember, both parties can benefit. If you need help in a particular area of the business, think of how you can first help the company you are seeking to partner up with. And think about it BEFORE you meet with them. This way, your offer doesn’t appear to be one sided. And you will be sincere in your efforts to help. 

You can’t do it alone. You will always need help. So don’t be afraid to ask.