The Business of Twitter.

Behind the board, I get to hear a lot of interesting stories. How entreprenures  decide on what company name to choose. How startups get the money to start. Recently, a lot of advice has been given in regards the “correct” way to market your product/service via social media. Most of the entrepreneurs, CEOs and business leaders I hear have a common view: prioritize your social media efforts. Basically they are saying pick one or two media outlets and use them well. (Much like Taco Bell only makes tacos…not tacos and Italian food…or tacos and wanton soup). Focus on what you are best at or what best suites your product. What is the best way for your customers and listeners to find you?

My advice, don’t try to do everything all at once. Start small and make it work. Remember, money follows ideas. Ideas don’t follow money. If you’re a good songwriter, your songs will speak for you. Just get it out there. We appreciate all the love we’ve been receiving on Twitter and requests to check out your productions!

Shoutout to @veara, @LWMGSTUDIOS, @LableSubmission, @RileyRaeMusic, @SethSteelo and @DJP3CK.

@Chris_Scholar and his video for “I Got it Babe” (featured on Vevo) caught our attention. The video production is excellent and camera shots are right on point. Great quality images and amazing audio work communicate the message and bring everything together. Check out the song here:

Keep ‘em coming. Show us what you got, Atlanta!