Periscope, Yes you should be using it for your Business.

Periscope is hot of the presses as the new, hippest social media channel. (According to, Periscope has gained 10 million users in just 4 months!). But some say it’s just a fad. Here at MIC, we view it as a fantastic tool…. IF used correctly. Periscope allows your customers (and potential customers!) to see you in a whole new way. People want you to be authentic with them. And what better way to form that deeper connection with your target audience than speaking with them face to face? CEOs are taking to Periscope to show behind the scenes views of what really takes place “in the office.” They allow customers to ask questions and interact with them by saying “hello” and welcoming viewers by name. T-Mobile’s, John Legere flew to Atlanta on a surprise visit to simply say ‘thank you’ to his employees and Periscoped the whole thing. Who wouldn’t want to make the switch after that?!

To get you started, we’ve come up with a few tips to make your broadcast successful…and useful…for promoting your business. 



  1. Come up with a catchy title. Use #hashtags. Tag people. Whatever you can do to alert users you are LIVE on Periscope and convince them that they need to watch (because you’re providing awesome information, of course!).  Did we mention this posts directly to your Twitter account?? Awwwesome!
  2. Begin the scope by giving viewers a little more info about what you’ll be talking about. This will drive more interest and entice viewers to stay. 
  3. Say hello to those who are joining the scope. But only at the beginning! This makes people feel special as you call them by name. But, if you drag this on for too long, it can distract you from getting to the important information. 
  4. Save questions for the end. Obviously, you want to be open and available to your viewers. But again, if you’re answering questions throughout the scope, this can be off-putting for viewers. 
  5. Be sure to keep the broadcast going long enough to give people a chance to actually join in. We recommend at least 5-10 minutes.
  6. Thank everyone for joining your scope. If possible, give them a hint as to what you’ll cover during the next scope and when that will be!

Now, you know what to do. Get out there and Periscope! Watch other scopes to get a good feel for what you like (and what you don’t). And be confident. Don’t worry about how “you’re not sure how this thing works!” No one else knew before they tried it the first time either.