Being organized isn’t everyone’s strong suit. For me, I enjoy organizing. It makes life easier. Remember our e-mail post a few weeks ago? It’s kinda like that; being organized equates to being more productive. You can find everything faster, like important documents or that pen you need on the fly while taking down quick info. Being organized allows you to better schedule your day too because you know what needs to be done. 

And then there’s the whole feng shui flow to your office. If you have a personal desk phone, it needs to be where you can easily reach it. You don’t want to be knocking off that coffee mug full of pens each time you go to answer a call. Are you comfortable with how your chair is positioned to your computer? Because if your back hurts, that can kill productivity too! If you often hold meetings in your office, everyone needs to be able to easily see everyone else. (Intimacy fosters communication!). And it’s always nice to position a family picture where most of your vision is focused because that can keep you motivated when the days run long. 

We recently helped one of our dear friends reorganize, rearrange and de-clutter their personal office space. The picture you see above are the before and after! See how much cleaner everything looks? 

Find time to go through your office and rid it of those things you don’t need, neatly arrange the things you do and add your personal touch that makes you feel at home away from home. Organizing your office is worth the investment.