Leadership, The Struggle is Real.

It's lonely at the top. A lot of people won't like the decisions you make while others will offer their approval...until the next decision needs to be made. Plus, you have to set yourself apart. You can't necessarily do what everyone else is doing. Because that would make you just another follower, right? Then, there are two different kinds of "success": positive success and negative success. You probably understand the concept of positive success, so let's examine negative success. If you know you're a good singer but keep telling yourself that you'll never get discovered then you've successfully chosen your own fate to never get discovered! Or, maybe you're a successful businessman but you're really supposed to be a singer--that is your true destiny. Thus, you are successful but not to the potential that you could be capable of. 
So, how do you know if you're meant to be a leader? Or maybe you're doing okay right where you are right now, but know that you are capable of more? Well, that's between you and you. Examine your goals. Write them down. Where do you want to be and what will it take to get there? And possibly the most difficult question of all...what are you willing to temporally "do without" so that you can have a life like no other in the future? Those are all questions leaders have to answer. 
Be a person of influence and remember that every step has a process. Respect yourself and respect others. #thestuggleisreal! #weareall