How to handle Interviews?

This past week, we interviewed Wrighteous about his new single, “One Armor” (video to be released soon so keep checking back!). Using the tool of image is a double edge sword; while you can greatly communicate the emotion and vision you can also stifle your viewers interest if not done correctly. The first five to seven seconds of your message are hugely important. Those precise seconds determine the mood and tone upon which the viewer will make the judgement to keep watching or move on to the “next best thing.” Feelings, emotions, location, interview questions, lighting, etc. need to be thought out before ever pressing record.
Great examples of question to ask yourself : What do you intend to communicate? What is the outcome that you are seeking?
How much time are you willing to invest?
What is your plan if the desire outcome is not reach?

Investments take time to mature. Dreams take time to develop into reality. More anything worth while takes time.
So get out there, make some videos, make some mistakes and learn.