Don't be afraid to dream!

When you have a dream, protect it. Because not everyone will believe you can achieve it. And if you listen long enough, they may convince you that you can't. Relationships are very important because you can't do things by yourself. We all need someone we can share with. Everyone needs a mentor. But be careful here too, because you need a genuine mentor. Not everyone has the best intentions for you. When networking, remember you must also be genuine in return. Don't focus solely on "the sale." A win + a win equals success. In order to receive help, you need to help others. 

You also need a plan. A blueprint for your business. Timing and execution are important. By surrounding yourself with like-minded thinkers (and fellow successful business leaders) you can learn and adapt this skill. Take the positives and leave the negatives, but feel free to add what you think is missing.
Finally, I will promise you that a dream requires hard work. The harder you work, the more opportunities you will encounter. In fact, every problem can be turned into a challenge...a new opportunity. So enjoy every step of the story. Because after all, it's yours. And no one can take away your story.