A little Time.

In life, there are points at which we need to take a little time away from regularly scheduled programming. A break. Sometimes, these breaks will be planned (sometimes they MUST be planned to ensure your getaway!). Other times, a “break” will be unexpected. You need to focus time on family or an emergency pops up. The definition of a break is different for each of us. Maybe to you, a break is simply taking time away from work to tend to the clematis dying in your garden due to lack of attention. Maybe a break means lounging in your pjs and catching up on the latest Netflix series. 

For us here at MIC, a recent break was needed for something new. A studio. And during that time, our energies were focused on packing, planning and production. So while the blog posts have been slow, our work has not. (We even worked on a new, exciting project… we’ll post the video soon). And it was a time that we learned even more. Like that everything won’t be “ready” overnight. And that it’s okay to take a least one day to rest. And that our families are always willing to help… even if it requires heaving lifting. 

Because most of the time, especially for those planned “vacation” days, you come out even more relaxed and go back to work even more productive because you took a little time off. It may be hard to break away, but it’s well worth it. You chose how to use it, so choose wisely. And use it wisely.

And watch out for us. ‘Cause we’re moving forward and we’re ready.