7 Tips to help you get started on Social Media.

Many business are still nonexistent on social media (shocking, right?). Many business have accounts, but they are simply not active (maybe that’s even worse?!). So, if you know it’s time to jump in on the social media game… and believe me, it is… then we have a few tips for you. Because the rules are ever changing and it can be hard to keep up. 

Narrow your focus
If this is your first time jumping on social media, you may want to hone in on only 2-3 social platforms, like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Depending on your business, your concoction of platforms may be different. Perhaps LinkedIn and Google+ fair better for you. Determine your best options and pick 2-3. Since you’re still learning, you want to sharpen your skills and build your audience before launching 10 different channels. 

Post Daily
Even if its only 1 post per day. You need to stay consistent and active. Once you begin to build a following, your viewers will expect to continue to see the content for which they followed you for in the first place. Don’t let ‘em down. 

Re-tweet and Follow
You need relevant accounts to both build your own personal knowledge and receive follow-backs. Know how to find similar folks who are interested in the same business as you? Hashtags.

Master the #hashtag
This will make it easier for you to be found by those with similar interests. If you’re in marketing… #marketing. If you’re in finance… #finance. If you’re a startup company…. #startup. Use these.

Fill out your profile
Be sure to fill out your full profile, including profile pic, feature image, bio section, and website.

Of course! Because all of this takes a lot of time. It isn’t hard. Just takes time to do it and do it well. Don’t count yourself out of these free (you don’t have to pay any fees for joining Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc!) marketing tools just because you don’t have time! Outsource it if you need to. 

Read… A lot

Check out different articles and sites that will help you stay in the know on all current social media trends. (New tools are developed everyday). Sign up to receive a few newsletters. Some of our favorites are Skillcrush and Levo